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In 2013 Sports Rants started rolling out various content sections specific to sports.

One of those sections was Sports Rants NFL which provided user-generated content on the #NFL, including but not limited to NFL News, NFL Rumors, Free Agency and more.

Today it is a very popular section on the website and know for their reputation of creating entertaining and thought provoking content. Naturally, Sports Rants NFL is marketed and structured by Miami Digital Marketing company Elite Rank Media so much of the content is very visible online and on social media.

Sports Rants NFL boasts a roster of writers and a profound presence on Social Media outlets such as Twitter.

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The image above shows how the section appears as of February 2015.

In 2014, the sections went under a mass-redesign as did the entire Sports Rants’ website. The refreshed focus on a new look, which is mobile ready, has generated even more popularity for the already popular section.

Elite Rank Media has worked heavily on structuring the content and the circulation of this content in a manner that would benefit any industry such as Plastic Surgery SEO websites, Dental SEO websites, Lawyer SEO strategies and even brands that are building a strong presence in sports blogging as well as Sports Marketing initiatives