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The core of Sports Rants has and always will be it’s members.

Started by a sports fan and intended for sports fans, Anthony DiMoro’s concept which started as an idea in late 2010 branched into a popular sports media brand. The vision was to capture the ever-changing popular features of social media platforms in an exclusive sports talk environment.

DiMoro started the company in New York, but later would relocate to Fort Lauderdale, FL to start building the brand in the South Florida market. The plan worked well as the Miami market offered more professional sports outlets than the Capital Region of Upstate New York could.

Also, the tech savvy and forward thinking markets of Brickell in downtown Miami and the creative, artistic vibrance of midtown Miami’s Wynwood area and the melting pot of culture of Miami Beach proved that South Florida was a great breeding ground for the next evolution of the Sports Rants community.

With the backing of DiMoro’s Miami Marketing and Miami Social Media based company Sports Rants has been able to offer a powerful platform to users. Annually it seems that Sports Rants continues to develop and integrate new ideas and features to make the website a perfect online home for sports talk.

Since 2013, Sports Rants has accepted applications from member to become official content contributors to many of their sections.

Memberships remain free and Anthony DiMoro has indicated that will not change.

Sports Rantz in 2012/2013
Sports Rantz in 2012/2013

Members can create profiles and setup these profiles to showcase their name, location, avatar, favorite teams and sports.

Each profile has what is commonly referred to as a Timeline or “Wall” which gives members the option to share thoughts, share content, pictures and engage in discussions with other members. Since the introduction of the Sports Rants mobile app in 2014, members have been able to take their sports ranting mobile and update their profiles on the go.

Members also have the option to “friend” other members and develop a network of their own. Each person can send or receive a friend request. Upon acceptance, friends can interact and network more directly and this also includes the capability to private message one another.

As the network as grown, so has the number of members who are registered, approved and active.

There are numerous spam filters in place to ensure that members are qualified within the community. Should spam profiles pop up, the security team at Sports Rants deletes their profile and tries to restrict their access to the website.

When Sports Rants announced the launch of their own branded content it introduced a whole new element to the digital world of the website. Now, members could interact and discuss the content while producing and submitting their own.

While the blogging feature is currently evolving to become more restricting (in an effort to limit spam accounts), members also have the option to start their own blog and have tools and resources available to them (developed by Miami SEO marketing company, Elite Rank Media) to help them grow their blog and gain more visibility.