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Essentially most modern sports talk website are in some way, shape or form derived from an original social concept; Sports Forums.

Sports Forums have been around for decades and may have been the first real “social network” for sports fans. Long before the days of Twitter, Facebook, WordPress or even Myspace there were sports forums which provided a place for debate and talk among sports fans

Sports Rantz launched with a version of sports forums called Groups. Each Group was team , sport and league specific but also offered an element of forums in the group.

In 2013, Anthony DiMoro unveiled a true Sports Forum, but during the redesign of Sports Rants, the Forum was temporarily taken down

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“It made sense to revamp the forums section on Sports Rants and during the time of our redesign in 2014 it just didn’t fit in our short term plans.

We had a launch of the Sports Rants Mobile app along with our redesign and a new expansion of sports sections on Sports Rants, so forums were unfortunately put on the back burner. In order to truly reintroduce it, I want it to have a separate focus that is primarily on the look, feel and functionality of a sports forums that doesn’t deviate from our current structure nor takes away from the user experience.

Often times, forums stand alone as a primary function, so there are still some hurdles to consider when addressing a re-inclusion.

With the being said I would image that if our Forums were not addressed in 2015, it would be high on the priority list for 2016. In the meantime, we feel our Groups can act as a placeholder.” ~Anthony DiMoro


It will be interesting and exciting to see how Elite Rank Media tackles the evolution of their forum. With their added focus on offering helpful tutorials, advice and marketing insight and their continued focus on offering Anthony DiMoro’s talents as a Miami Social Media professional as well, it’s exciting to think how they will revamp the forum format.

“I like to imagine the end result of our sports forums, when we fully implement all the ideas we want to, will be smooth, fun and “cool”. Like the kind of “cool” you see in the way all of those James Bond movie posters look, that kind of cool. Professional, classy, efficient and an upper-echelon manner of sports talk.”