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During it’s initial years of operation, Sports Rantz offered a unique angle on member blogging via their sports blogs platform. Unlike most blog networks, Sports Rantz pitched a blogging platform that offered complete user control with many added perks, all free of charge.

One of the perks was a custom design setup from Anthony DiMoro himself. This allows users who were not design savvy or comfortable with WordPress to get their blog setup. Additionally, DiMoro personally created a custom design for each logo of each blog and provided tips in their University to help users understand how to properly utilize internet marketing to help their content gain exposure.

The tips included online guides that were personally crafted by DiMoro which taught members practices that his professional experience and industry acumen have proven to be successful. This positioned Sports Rantz as a unique entity, it helped the website not only gain prominent exposure at an accelerated pace but also position itself as a platform users could leverage to gain exposure within the industry.

Through his experience, DiMoro had been able to bridge traditional internet marketing practices into uncharted territory such as Sports Marketing.

“It was important that we not only provided a network for people to utilize as a host for their blog, but that we empowered them with the tools to fully maximize it’s potential.

Even today I see blogs in the industry from Plastic Surgery SEO companies discussing their specific strategies, to Miami Marketing companies discussing the local vertical markets for areas such as Miami Beach, Brickell and Wynwood, to even the service specific local (where I am located) Miami Social Media companies and even industries as broad as fund accounting entities that fail to create interest, fail to create the connection with their audience and fail to properly structure their content to be as accessible as possible.”

Blogging is certainly an ever-evolving industry and outlet that is constantly changing from day to day. So with these changes it’s important to have a vision for the future that can see the bigger picture of the current industry but also introduce new & innovative ways to improve the outlet while connecting social media, internet marketing, content creation and human expression all in one.