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The original activity screen has only had minor aesthetic tweaks over the past few years. With each new design of Sports Rants, the activity stream has pretty much acted in the same manner as it has from a functionality standpoint.

Members can post links, videos, pictures and thoughts in the same manner they would on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. In 2012 Sports Rants introduced the ability to utilize hashtags as well.


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With the extensive action from Elite Rank Media, Sports Rants launched a mobile app in 2014 that offers similar functionality to Twitter. Real time conversations on a constant activity stream update allowed folks to share their thoughts on the hottest sports topics.

“It was important for us to do something different with our mobile app than other sports entities but not deviate from the popular social behavior of our society. Everyone is conditioned to utilize Facebook & Twitter style posting, so it made sense to offer a similar yet targeted functionality to our app.

I often looked at a lot of the Miami marketing company efforts, with Miami being a very tech savvy market, and thought of ways to really diversify what Elite Rank Media showcased in their portfolio. The response has been tremendous and it’s nice to not position Elite Rank Media as just a Miami SEO or Fort Lauderdale SEO or myself as just an Miami SEO Consultant or a Miami Social Media expert but actually showcase via Sports Rants, our talent and abilities in forward thinking.

Sports Rants going global and having functions that are globally recognized from a social standpoint is key. The ability to showcase it on Sports Rants, track it’s growth and demonstrate the success has been crucial in our impact not only on Sports Marketing but also in fields like Plastic Surgery SEO and various areas of Medical SEO and other markets as it showcases a creative angle that builds member relationships and organic interaction.” ~ Anthony DiMoro CEO of Sports Rants & Elite Rank Media