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About Us

What started as an idea has evolved into one of the most innovative websites in the sports industry.

Since it’s launch in 2011, Sports Rants has offered a unique platform for sports fans, media and athletes alike, to converge. The current tagline of Sports Rants is “Where Social Media & Sports Collide” and the current state of the sports media brand is a prime example of that belief.

Aside from the unique combination of popular social media features, Sports Rants is 100% backed by a leading Internet Marketing company, now based in Miami, Florida (South Florida). Elite Rank Media, which is also led by Anthony DiMoro, is know for high quality services and a creative vision that has helped build their reputation since the company was founded in 2009.

Additionally, being under the Elite Rank Media umbrella gives Sports Rants an unrivaled edge with top-notch internet marketing and social media concepts that have served as the catalyst to their success.

Elite Rank Media is currently a leader in Miami Marketing and Fort Lauderdale SEO but also serves both the national and global markets. With the guidance of nationally recognized internet marketing specialist Anthony DiMoro, who is a leading Social Media Expert Miami as well, Sports Rants is positioned to continue their upward trend of success and innovation

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